The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)held a meeting in its boardroom on 9th June 2023 with YALLA YALLA GROUP LTD, Rwanda TVET Board delegates and School Managers of Technical Secondary Schools.

Honorable Minister of State in charge of ICT and TVET, Hon. Claudette Irere chaired the meeting. She started by giving welcome remarks and short presentation to the participants. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about the establishment of partnership between Yalla Yalla Group and RTB, and TSS by introducing GrowALE program (in full name: Grow with Agriculture Livestock and Environment Program) in Technical Secondary Schools with Agriculture, Animal Health and Forestry Trades.

The CEO of YALLA YALLA GROUP Ltd explained the concept of establishing GrowALE in detail. The program will contribute in alleviation of the practical skills gap observed in agriculture sector. The program will specifically address challenges related to industrial attachment met by students and produce relevant graduates in Agriculture, Livestock and Environment careers, agriculture which is breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants, horticulture; crop production; agriculture mechanization and agribusiness practices; irrigation and drainage process; Livestock and Environment management.  The program will facilitate access to Agri-farming infrastructure/ equipment as well as qualified professionals to help them at schools. The special focus will be on the short courses where people out of schools can be recruited and encouraged to join on job training.

The implementation started by piloting GS Dihiro TSS where Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Yalla Yalla Group and Bugesera District and witnessed by GrowALE Program and GS Dihiro TSS.

After signature of both parties, the implementation of MoU continues in constructing rabbit hutch and visiting different rabbit and piggery farms to select the best breeds that will be reared at GS Dihiro TSS.

Examples of farms visited by YALLA YALLA GROUP-GrowALE Representatives

1.Tom Rabbit Farm at Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo District

2.Ntarama Pig Farming on large scale at Ntarama Sector, Bugesera District

3.Modern Rabbit Farm at Runda Sector Kamonyi District

The next step is to identify the beneficiaries which will followed by making feasibility studies, making negotiations with concerned institutions and signing the agreements (MoUs) with selected TVETs/IPRC, UNIVERSITIES. The skilled and qualified engineers of GrowALE will be allocated in the selected TVETs/IPRC, UNIVERSITIES to support the students in their daily practical studies together with their lecturers by using the agricultural infrastructures/equipment, demonstration structures for agriculture and animal husbandry, nurseries for fruit, agroforestry and forestry trees which will be put in their places by YALLA YALLA.

Field visit at Kisaro Technical Secondary School

Poultry farming       


Dairy production         

Photo of agricultural projects



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