YALLA YALLA Staff Meeting on How we can Improve Our Agriculture Sector through PESFIS Project

In an inspiring session, YALLA YALLA CEO, Mr. NDAYIZIGIYE Emmanuel, passionately shared a multitude of innovative strategies and avenues aimed at significantly improving Rwanda’s agricultural sector through the PESFIS. His visionary insights illuminated the path toward sustainable growth and development, showcasing the organization’s commitment to advancing agriculture in Rwanda.

Yalla Yalla Project Executive Director, Mr. ISHIMWE Emmanuel, has introduced to the participants of meeting about YALLA YALLA mission, vision and services offering to the people. He said that “YALLA YALLA GROUP offer a comprehensive array of agricultural services, ranging from advanced machinery and equipment supply to research and development, irrigation systems, and agricultural extension services. Their primary focus is on empowering farmers by providing affordable mechanization, facilitating market connections, and delivering extensive training to boost productivity and profitability.

Yalla Yalla Project Documentation and Reporting Officer (PDRO), Dr. HATEGEKIMANA Jean Paul, has been actively engaged in facilitating research within the agricultural sector, with a keen focus on identifying critical issues and presenting innovative solutions aimed at enhancing agricultural practices. Dr. Jean Paul has also placed significant emphasis on timely reporting by both DTLs and DPCs as a means to promptly address challenges and pave the way for sustainable agricultural improvements.

Yalla Yalla DPCs, DTLs, Schemes Managers, and all other dedicated office staff for this meeting deeply appreciate this opportunity to come together and reflect on shared endeavors in the agriculture sector. As a united team, we have made significant strides in improving the lives of farmers, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable agriculture. The Yalla Yalla Group’s leaders have been instrumental in fostering an environment where collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation thrive. Their guidance and support have inspired to reach new heights in mission to make the agriculture sector better than ever before.

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