YALLA YALLA team meet with Hon. Minister of State in Charge of ICT & TVET (Claudette Irere) in the Ministry of Education | Rwanda to discuss and exchange ideas on GrowALE program which is coming to strengthen the practical side in Education through Ministry of Agriculture & Animal Resources(MINAGRI) | Rwanda and Office of The PM | Rwanda

YALLA YALLA GROUP has an initiative of creating a program called “Grow with Agriculture, Livestock and Environment (GrowALE)” to encourage people living with agriculture practical than theory. 

The GrowALE is targeting and supporting the schools with Agri-farming field to acquire and use agricultural infrastructures/equipment that help them to build the practical capacity of young generation in agriculture, livestock and environment.

The specific objectives of GrowALE are to enable the TVETs/IPRC, and UNIVERSITIES with agriculture, livestock and environment fields to acquire and use infrastructure/equipment used in agriculture, livestock and keeping environment; create the Agri-farming research and demonstration fields at schools; establishment of Agri-farming hub that promoting and valorizing the talents of young generation. The present project also allocates the professional internship to fresh graduates within and outside of the country; and offer professional certificates to participants, and help them creating or finding job opportunity.

The eligibility criteria for the TVETs/IPRC, and UNIVERSITIES to be qualified in GrowALE programs are that: to be registered or accepted by MINEDUC or other concerned national entity; being in specialization of Agriculture, Livestock and/or Environment career; to be able and accept to consent the students to participate in GrowALE programs, and availing place to implement the GrowALE activities.

The GrowALE project implementation will start by identifying the beneficiaries which will followed by making feasibility studies, making negotiations with concerned institutions and signing the agreements (MoUs) with selected TVETs/IPRC, UNIVERSITIES. The skilled and qualified engineers of GrowALE will be allocated in the selected TVETs/IPRC, UNIVERSITIES to support the students in their daily practical studies together with their lecturers by using the agricultural infrastructures/equipment, demonstration structures for agriculture and animal husbandry, nurseries for fruit, agroforestry and forestry trees which will be put in their places by YALLA YALLA.


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