YALLA YALLA TEAM visited the irrigation schemes assigned to evaluate SEASON A2024 Progress and Challenges faced by the farmers in the Schemes.

YALLA YALLA TEAM, led by CEO, Mr. NDAYIZIGIYE Emmanuel and RAB Staff, started a field visit on 30/10/ 2023 to assess the progress of SEASON A2024 activities in irrigation schemes assigned to YALLA YALLA GROUP.  The visit was supposed to cover the irrigation schemes in seven districts, namely HUYE, GISAGARA, NYARUGURU, NYAMAGABE, NYANZA, NYAMASHEKE, and RUSIZI.

Unfortunately, some infrastructure elements crucial to the success of agricultural activities have been damaged. The issues or challenges identified: Some of the Sails were destroyed by erosion caused by high rain in hillsides, (i.e., the sail of the Mugonero scheme, etc..),Insufficient water in cultivated, In Karimanzovu, lake Kivu water affects the plantation of this scheme where the water channels and sail of this scheme return water to cultivated lands plantation during rain season.

We recognize the significance of addressing these challenges promptly to ensure the continued success of farming operations in the region. We believe that by addressing these issues collaboratively with local leaders and stakeholders, we can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the irrigation schemes under our purview.

This field visit was planned for the assigned irrigation schemes for YALLA YALLA GROUP in seven Districts namely Nyanza, Huye, Gisagara, Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke, and Rusizi. The irrigation schemes reached, are Rwabicuma located in Nyanza District, Mugonero, Karimanzovu, Kirimbi located in Nyamasheke District, Bugarama located in Rusizi District, Mushishito, Mwogo located in Nyamagabe District, Rwasave, Ruvungirana located in Huye District, Duwani, Migina, and Kibugazi located in Gisagara District. The crops grown by farmers in these schemes are Rice, Maize, bush beans, Tomatoes, Groundnuts, Avocadoes, Orange plantations, Red onions, Sweet Potatoes, and others. Season A2024 is progressing well in all schemes and demo plots were established as planned to help farmers in good agricultural practices

Yalla Yalla CEO and RAB Staff Recommendations:

While the farmers of the Mugonero scheme are still waiting for support from CDAT, they should continue distributing water equally in their lands to facilitate themselves to enhance harvests for the season A2024;

Farmers of Karimanzovu should control the SEASON, especially the rain season to avoid the loss due to water from Lake Kivu;

In all demo plots, Yalla Yalla Agronomists should add a variety of seeds, date of planting; area; used fertilizers, etc.…

During the meeting with WUOs team, the decision was to involve:

CDAT,YALLA YALLA Group, RAB Station Ntendezi, District, Cooperatives and WUO All should be invited to the DISC meeting in decision on future preparation of good agricultural practices.

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