About Yalla Yalla Group

Yalla Yalla Group background

YALLA YALLA GROUP, also known as Yalla Yalla in short, is a business organization of different professionals in various fields who were trained in Israel and Korea to put together their members with specialization in various domains from different areas among others: Horticulture, Crop production in general, Agricultural mechanization, agribusiness, Irrigation and drainage, animal production, veterinary medicine, aquaculture and fisheries, rural development and environment management, economic and business administration fields, education and engineering related fields. The adoption of advanced facilities from America, Israel, Turkey, China, India and Japan enables Yalla Yalla to supply top quality products and services to their customers worldwide.

YALLA YALLA GROUP’s activities and services are to sell, hire and lease affordable agricultural machinery & equipment, maintenance and repairing various machineries used in agriculture, establishing different types of greenhouses as well as coaching the farmers about the use of this modern technology in agriculture, installation of various irrigation systems, testing water for irrigation as well as soil testing and analysis.

Furthermore, Yalla Yalla Group focuses on providing mechanization services to the farmers on affordable prices, conducting studies on various agricultural projects, Marshlands development and rehabilitation, Dams’ construction and further engineering projects.

Apart from linking the farmers with the potential markets, with its skilled, experienced and committed personnel, Yalla Yalla Group puts a lot of effort into providing agricultural extension services for disseminating various high tech in agriculture through various class and field trainings to support the farmers to raise the production and profitability. Extension services do not end only with training the farmers, but also providing industrial attachments to the students from learning institutions to get familiarized with their future career.

YALLA YALLA GROUP has initiated different programs/ projects like Projet d’Agro-Alimataire et Progrés (PAAP) which is based in Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville) where it focuses on primary production of some crops highly required on this market like Soybeans; yellow-maize, watermelon and various vegetables.


On the other hand, GrowALE (Grow with Agriculture, Livestock and Environment), is a Program owned and introduced by YALLA YALLA GROUP to support the learning institutions to access high-quality and modern infrastructure/equipment/materials and the qualified professionals to strengthen Technical Secondary Schools, IPRCs, and Universities in practical skills, and give the industrial attachment to students in the careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the people livelihoods through agricultural, livestock and engineering projects by leveraging the power of technology to avail high tech equipment, connect farmers with markets and provide extension and financial advisory services.

Our Vision

To become a key player in Agriculture, livestock, and Engineering transformation by creating an enabling technology ecosystem.



Our presence means a lot, but agriculture in our hearts!



FOUNDER & CEO, Yalla Yalla Group

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