Project d’Agro-Alimentaire et Progres

Project Introduction

The Projet d’Agro Alimentaire et Progrès (PAAP) is an agricultural initiative spearheaded by YALLA YALLA Group Ltd in Congo Brazzaville, established in 2022 through a collaboration agreement between the heads of state of Congo and Rwanda. This project focuses on revitalizing the agricultural sector in Congo by leveraging its abundant fresh land resources. PAAP introduces modern farming practices, including irrigation systems, to optimize crop production and promote sustainable agriculture.

Project Objectives

The objectives of PAAP are multifaceted:

Enhancing technological advancements in farming techniques to improve efficiency, productivity, and resource management

Creating trade opportunities to generate foreign exchange earnings

Facilitating research and innovation in agriculture

Promoting market access and value chain development

Prioritizing biodiversity conservation efforts

Ensuring poverty alleviation and food security

Addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation

Reinforcing advancements in irrigation systems

Key Activities

PAAP implements various key activities to achieve its objectives:

Production of cereals (yellow maize), soybeans, fruits, and vegetables

Provision of extension services to local farmers, offering guidance and support on modern farming practices

Providing mechanization services to enhance efficiency in agricultural operations

Supplying and marketing agro inputs to improve crop yields and quality

Join Us in Cultivating Progress

The Agro-Food and Progress Project in the Republic of Congo is a call to action, inviting stakeholders, farmers, and communities to join hands in cultivating progress, sustainability, and prosperity

Key Deliverables

The key deliverables of PAAP include:

Increased farming capacity and adoption of modern technologies

Improved post-harvest management practices

Assured market linkages for farmers' produce

Transfer of knowledge and skills to local communities, empowering them to sustainably manage agricultural resources

Extension of growing seasons through the introduction of irrigation systems

Stabilization of good-quality food availability and accessibility in the region

Conservation of biodiversity through sustainable farming practices

Our Impacts

PAAP is expected to have significant impacts on various stakeholders:

Socio-economic benefits for the estimated 41,336 inhabitants of the project area, including increased income opportunities and improved living standards

Enhanced agricultural productivity and food security in Congo, contributing to national development goals

Conservation of natural resources and biodiversity through sustainable agricultural practices

Strengthening of bilateral relations between Congo and Rwanda through cross-border collaboration in agriculture

Long-term resilience to climate change by implementing adaptive agricultural practices such as irrigation systems

Project Team


ISHIMWE Emmanuel

Project Executive Director



Senior Agronomist




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