Grow with Agriculture,Livestock and Environment

Program Introduction

In recognition of the crucial role played by Agriculture, Livestock, and Environmental sustainability in national development, YALLA YALLA GROUP has launched the Program namely “Grow with Agriculture, Livestock, and Environment (GrowALE)“.

The initiative aims to bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical skills by giving selected technical schools advanced infrastructure/equipment and with high trained engineers & professional experts to empowering the students in TVETs and also capacitate the fresh graduates in career including majority of women and youth.

Program Objectives

The general objective of this program is to promote high-quality practical and hands-on skills in technical and vocational education schools in Agriculture, Livestock, and Environment. The specific objectives for the Grow with Agricultural, Livestock, and Environment (GrowALE) Program with their respective expected outcomes are the following:

Improve the infrastructures of educational institutions

Establish research and demonstration farms at educational institutions

Promoting horticulture hands-on skills in greenhouses and open fields

Upholding aquaculture skills in TVET schools

Promoting livestock hands-on skills

Establish Agricultural Innovation Hub

Promote entrepreneurship and business development

Facilitate job creation among program beneficiaries

Program’s interventions

Establishment of Modern Infrastructures

Mechanization Training and Equipment

Diversification of Rabbit Breeds in TVET schools

Practical Skills Development

Community Engagement and Awareness

Professional Workshops and Training Sessions

Collaboration with Agricultural Organizations

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support

Integration of Horticulture Practices

Aquaculture Development

Key Milestones Achieved in the GrowALE Program in the First Phase

Partnership Establishment:

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Rwanda TVET Board (RTB) and YALLA YALLA GROUP initiated the partnership for the GrowALE Program and will last 10-year renewable.

Introduction Meeting

A successful introduction meeting between MINEDUC and YALLA YALLA GROUP-GrowALE Program, chaired by Hon. Claudette Irere, discussed the establishment of a partnership for introducing GrowALE in technical schools, universities, and polytechnics.

Field Visit and Feasibility Study

YALLA YALLA GROUP conducted a comprehensive field visit to assess the current situation of TVETs with Agriculture, Animal Health, and Forestry trades.

Infrastructure Design and Construction

The design and construction of a Modern Rabbit Hutch, including a multi-step process and collaboration with agricultural experts and architects, were successfully executed.

Equipment Installation

The installation of necessary tools, equipment, and facilities in the Rabbit Hutch to facilitate practical skills development for students/trainees was completed.

Diverse Rabbit Breeds Initiation

The program initiated a Modern Rabbit Hutch Farming Program, focusing on various rabbit breeds, including California, New Zealand, Chinchilla, and Crossbreeds.

Practical Skills Development

Students/trainees actively participated in practical skills development, covering areas such as animal health monitoring, rabbit farm and hutch management, feeding and nutrition, and breeding practices

Professional Workshops and Training

YALLA YALLA GROUP's professional experts conducted workshops and training sessions for teachers/trainers and students/trainees, focusing on sustainable and ethical rabbit farming practices, industry insights, and regular assessments.

Mechanization Training

YALLA YALLA GROUP successfully conducted training sessions for teachers and students on mechanization machinery activities, including the operation and maintenance of different tractors and motorized pumps for spraying.

Equipment Familiarization

Teachers and students were trained to become familiar with various types of mechanization equipment, enhancing their knowledge and skills in utilizing tractors and motorized pumps for agricultural activities.

Operational Competence

Through the training sessions, participants gained operational competence in handling and utilizing mechanization machinery, ensuring safe and efficient use in agricultural practices.

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