Sugarcane Management Project under MADHVANI Group

Project Introduction

The Sugarcane Management Project (SMP) is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Yalla Yalla Group in partnership with Kabuye Sugar Works Ltd. This initiative aims to optimize sugarcane cultivation across diverse sites through strategic field management activities. The project is tailored to address unique challenges and conditions present at seven specific project sites: Mageragere, Rusine, Cyamutara, Gahanga, Nyacyonga, Nyabarongo, and Kamonyi.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the SMP are:

Increasing overall sugarcane yields

Promoting sustainable farming practices

Contributing to local economic growth

Fostering strong collaboration between the Yalla Yalla Group and Kabuye Sugar Works Ltd

Key Activities

The SMP focuses on comprehensive field management activities, including:

Weeding to control weed growth and enhance sugarcane health

Targeted fertilization to optimize soil fertility and nutrient levels

Efficient canal creation and cleaning to ensure proper irrigation

Judicious chemical spraying for pest and disease management

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Key Deliverables:

The anticipated outcomes of the Sugarcane Management Project include:

Increased sugarcane yields across project sites

Improved crop health and vigor

Efficient water resource management through canal optimization

Strengthened collaboration and partnership between project stakeholders

Economic benefits for local communities through employment opportunities and enhanced economic activity

Our Impacts:

The SMP is expected to have several impacts, including:

Enhanced productivity and profitability of sugarcane cultivation

Improved livelihoods and economic resilience for local communities

Adoption of sustainable farming practices for long-term environmental stewardship

Strengthened partnership and collaboration between the Yalla Yalla Group and Kabuye Sugar Works Ltd

Contribution to broader economic growth and development in the region through increased agricultural productivity and employment opportunities

Project Team


ISHIMWE Emmanuel

Project Executive Director



Senior Agronomist



Infrastructure and Mechanization Engineer (IME)




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