Provision of Extension Services to farmers operating in Irrigation Schemes

Project Introduction

Irrigation development in Rwanda is receiving a high priority on the path to Agricultural Intensification and development. In the government’s Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation (PSTA4) and NST1, the plan is to increase the irrigated areas from 48,508 ha in 2017 to 102,284 ha by the year 2024. To ensure a balanced development of both infrastructures, sustainable and efficient operation and management of irrigation schemes, the government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, has established the Irrigation Water Users Associations (IWUAs) as defined by the Ministerial Order No 001/11.30 of 23.11.2011.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources contributed to the development of irrigation schemes countywide. More than 170 irrigation schemes have been developed across the country, but the ownership by the cooperatives operating in the irrigation schemes remain uncertain. For a sustainable management of irrigation schemes, RAB recruited experienced youth companies as service providers including Yalla Yalla Group for building the capacity of Irrigation Water Users Associations (IWUAs) and farmers’ cooperatives in the irrigation schemes of Rwanda.

Through an open competitive model, YALLA YALLA GROUP won the tender for Operation and Management of Irrigation schemes in LOT 1 and LOT 2 located in Nyanza, Huye and Gisagara Districts and also Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts for providing extension services to the farmers operating in those irrigation schemes under framework contract where the contract would be renewed every year upon the satisfaction of RAB and the performance showed by YALLA YALLA GROUP.

YALLA YALLA GROUP as a Service Provider is building the Capacity of Water Users Organizations, and farmers cooperatives in terms of operation and management of irrigation schemes through establishment of irrigation calendars, community work mobilization, updating water user lists, farm management, establishment of demo plots and training on good agricultural practices, seasonal preparation meetings, preparing field visits to other irrigation schemes, and organizing training of trainers for farmer promoters.

YALLA YALLA GROUP is also ensuring proper operation and management of irrigation schemes through the collaboration with District Irrigation Steering Committees, Water User Organizations, and farmer cooperatives at the scheme level. In addition, it is responsible for increasing the capacity of farmers to increase agricultural productivity (good agriculture practices, crop management, post- harvest handling and market linkages with potential buyers).

PESFIS project aligns with the National Strategy of Transformation(NST1)’s priority area, emphasizing innovative irrigation system management model and the involvement of farmers and water user groups. The collaboration between the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) and the YALLA YALLA Group ensures daily proximity coaching to nearly 30,000 farmers associated with 36 cooperatives and 28 Water Users Organizations (WUOs). The project’s dual lots cover 2,180 hectares and 2,526 hectares respectively, supporting the modernization of Rwandan agriculture through sustainable irrigation practices and community engagement in Nyanza, Huye, Gisagara, Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts.

Project Objectives

Evaluate the situation of irrigation infrastructures, Irrigation Water User Associations (IWUAs), cooperatives, and individual farmers in new irrigation schemes.

Enhance the capacity and skills of IWUAs, cooperatives, and individual farmers

Establish demonstration plots to showcase best farming practices

Enhance Agricultural Production and Productivity

Improve Post-Harvest Handling and Market Linkage

Enhance Operation and Management of Irrigation Infrastructures

Establish a Proper Reporting System for Farmers' Organizations

Facilitate the Irrigation Schemes Management Transfer Agreement (IMTA)

Key Activities

Activities for Objective 1:

  • Develop a methodology and strategies for conducting the assessment.
  • Produce a validated inception report.
  • Conduct a situational analysis of farmer organizations and irrigation schemes.

Activities for Objective 2:

  • Develop, validate, and produce training modules.
  • Conduct in-class training for Scheme Farmer Promoters (SFPs).
  • Facilitate the registration process for cooperatives at RCA level and IWUAs at the district and RGB levels.

Activities for Objective 3:

  • Establish Field Farmer School (FFS) demonstration plots within specified areas.
  • Conduct field exchange visits (study tours) for FFS facilitators, cooperative leaders, and lead farmers.

Activities for Objective 4:

  • Coach farmers’ organizations to accurately fill recommended books.
  • Facilitate the elaboration of seasonal financial and production reports.
  • Provide support for the creation of annual financial and production reports.
  • Assist in the elaboration and submission of Annual Work Plans and Budgets (AWPB) to the district and RAB.

Activities for Objective 5:

  • Establish an annual cropping plan for coordinated agricultural activities.
  • Support cooperatives in negotiating and securing market opportunities.
  • Facilitate contract farming agreements to ensure market access.

Activities for Objective 6:

  • Initiate the process of signing the IMTA.
  • Record the number of IMTAs signed.

Activities for Objective 7:

  • Conduct daily coaching sessions on best farming practices.
  • Supporting farmers on crop management.
  • Produce seasonal reports on farmers’ adoption of good agricultural practices (fertilizer application, pest and disease control, improved seeds).
  • Link farmers to agro dealers for seeds and fertilizer supply.
  • Monitor the supply and distribution of subsidized fertilizers.
  • Mobilize farmers to adopt and use fertilizers effectively.
  • Identify sample fields for productivity measurement.
  • Train cooperative leaders on effective productivity measurement.
  • Assist in the elaboration and submission of Annual Work Plans and Budgets (AWPB) to the district and RAB.

Activities for Objective 8:

  • Mobilize farmers for community work to contribute to irrigation infrastructure maintenance.
  • Develop and display a community work calendar in the offices of cooperatives and WUOs.
  • Evaluate and report on community work efforts.
  • Set up water users’ lists to streamline irrigation infrastructure management.
  • Organize farmers’ meetings for determining water fees.
  • Support WUO committees in collecting water fees.
  • Mobilize WUOs to rehabilitate damaged infrastructures.
  • Provide technical support to WUOs for the design and construction of new irrigation structures where necessary.

Expected Results

Baseline survey report detailing the current state of irrigation infrastructures and farmer organizations.

Training manuals/materials produced.

Farmers trained with certificates.

Cooperatives and IWUAs registered at RCA and RGB level respectively

FFS demonstration plots established in irrigation schemes

Reports on study tours conducted

Percentage of farmers adopting best farming practices increased

Increased agricultural productivity measured in MT/ha

Improved post-harvest handling practices and strengthened market linkages

Enhanced management and maintenance of irrigation infrastructures, promoting community participation

Implementation of the Irrigation Schemes Management Transfer Agreement

Establishment of a robust reporting system for farmers' organizations Management Transfer Agreement

List Of Irrigation Schemes Under YALLA YALLA Management

The table below summarizes the number of irrigation schemes assigned to Yalla Yalla Group and their respective area (ha) and location.

No Irrigation Scheme Districts Area (Ha)
Lot 1
1 Budubi NYANZA 145
2 Nyarubogo NYANZA 154
3 Burakari NYANZA 200
4 Agasasa NYANZA 150
5 Rwabicuma NYANZA 301
6 Rwamamba HUYE 60
7 Ruvungirana HUYE 75
8 Murori HUYE 55
9 Rwasave HUYE 120
10 Rusuri-Rwaniro HUYE 120
11 Akagera HUYE 160
12 Mwura-Gatare GISAGARA 110
13 Kibugazi GISAGARA 108
14 Duwani GISAGARA 134
15 Migina GISAGARA 288
Total Lot 1 2,180
Lot 2
16 Agatorove 1 NYARUGURU 75
17 Urwonjya NYARUGURU 55
18 Agatorove 2 NYARUGURU 80
19 Agatobwe NYARUGURU 80
20 Muzirantwago NYAMAGABE 130
21 Mushishito NYAMAGABE 64
22 Rwondo NYAMAGABE 72
23 Kamegeli NYAMAGABE 60
24 Nzavu NYAMAGABE 80
25 Mugonero NYAMASHEKE 50
26 Kilimbi NYAMASHEKE 165
27 Kamiranzovu NYAMASHEKE 115
28 Bugarama RUSIZI 1500
Total Lot 2 2,526
Grand Total 4,706

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