Provision of Extension Services to farmers operating in irrigation Schemes

Project Introduction

Embarking on a journey of agricultural and food development, the Agro-Food and Progress Project in the Republic of Congo aims to catalyze positive transformations in the nation’s agricultural sector. This project is envisioned as a comprehensive initiative to enhance food security, empower local communities, and foster sustainable progress through innovative agricultural practices.

Project Objectives

Food security enhencement

Implement sustainable farming practices to increase agricultural productivity and ensure a consistent and reliable food supply for local communities.

Empowering Local Farmers

Conduct training programs to empower local farmers with modern agricultural techniques, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Infrastructure Development

Invest in irrigation systems to optimize water usage and mitigate the impact of seasonal variations on crop yields.

Market Access and Livelihood Improvement

Facilitate market linkages to connect local farmers directly with consumers, ensuring fair pricing and profitability.

Technology Adoption

Integrate modern agricultural technologies, such as precision farming and smart irrigation, to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainable Practices

Promote agroecological practices that prioritize environmental sustainability, soil health, and biodiversity conservation.

Farmers Helped
Youth Employed

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Project Team

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Founder & Chief Project Coordinator(CPC)



District  Project Coordinator (Nyanza & Ruhango)

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District Project  Coordinator(Nyaruguru)

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